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The EMD allows you a fast and easy way of searching. At the top, use the search button and the autocompletion menu assists you to find the existing information and will automatically include the new data you will create.


Once you have chosen what you want to display (Experts, Sites, Projects, Expertises, Contacts as proposed at the bottom or any keyword!), the map shows anything related to that expertise. Then, if you click on an Expert button for instance, it expands and provides you with all want to know about it in a dynamic, visual and intuitive way.


The map allows you to target the relevant content. Don’t get scared by the thorough information which is displayed! The on/off buttons (Experts, Sites, Projects, Expertises, Contacts) offer the possibility for you to design your own map and select the relevant data



Once done, you are able to click on the right Expert and display his/her profile page. You will then browse on the tab menu and zoom even more in detail the expertise

Domains of expertise

Last but not least, this map focuses on the expertise and know-how and displays the domains of expertise in a very detailed way. You can point directly to a single expertise, saving time not browsing every Expert’s profile page to find it.