Get started admin


To create your Expert Map Directory, please click on the Try for free button.
Fill the form with your information. You will receive an email to set your password and give access to your EMD. The application is filled with some data sample. You can modify or delete them and try with your own Experts.


The Admin panel allows you to register your Experts, their Sites and give your Users access to the application. The “Configuration / Add Experts” button on the top right of the landing map allows you to access the Admin panel at any time.



First, define the Site of your Expert. It could be geographical site, legal entity, etc. according to your organization. To create a new Site, just do as you would for an Expert: click on “Manage Site” and Add new site”. To modify a Site, click on the site on the site list. 


On the left side of the Admin panel, start by selecting “Manage Experts“. Then, the existing list of Experts roll down and  “Add new Expert” button allows you to fill the profile page.Note that the Identity section is compulsory. Once done, you can proceed with the other sections. If some fields are not relevant, use the “Sections or Fields Settings” to hide them.


For each Expert, a specific map displays the Expert’s All Expertises within his/her profile page: choose the Expertises Tab  and click on the Add new expertise button. The new expertise will appear in a box on the right of the map. Then, you just have to drag and drop this new expertise on the map. Here you have two options: the expertise is a new domain,  you drop it at the All Expertises root or the expertise is related to another domain,  you add it as a sub-domain to this latter.
Once saved, you can return to make further modifications on the expertise or on the map. Tip: if you want to go back to the map while you are filling the expertise, click on the cancel button. 


On the Administration panel, the “Manage User access” section allows you to manage the list of Users who can log on the EMD. To create an access, provide an email address and click on “Add this user“.
The added User will appear on the Users list below. On this list, you can specify the User permissions :

– Administrator: this User will have the same role as you. He/she can add a User and modify all Expert’s data.
 Expert: this User can modify only his/her profile if it is on the EMD.
 Visitor: this User can only read data and cannot modify anything.
To activate this access, you have to click on “Send access“. The User will receive an email in order to define his/her password and connect to the EMD.
You can delete this access with the Remove button if necessary.